Sunday, August 12, 2012

Central Coast Road Trip Part II

Sorry for the lack of posting - last week was really busy! As promised, here is the second part of my central coast road trip. Once we got to San Luis Obispo, we walked around downtown for a bit, which is really quaint and charming. We also checked out the Madonna Inn, a quirky hotel known for it's outrageous pink decor and crazy themed rooms.

View of the river that runs through downtown SLO

Downtown SLO

Outside the Madonna Inn. The kitschy architecture is unlike any hotel I've been to.

Inside the Madonna Inn. Loving the pink floral carpet...

There's a giant tree in the middle of the restaurant - pink explosion!

The central coast is also known for its countryside and open land. I love this shot.

Solvang, the Danish town. We had aebleskivers, Danish pancakes shaped like spheres. Delicious!

Overall, it was a nice little vacation. I think part of the fun is the drive itself, and seeing your home state through new eyes.



  1. I've never been to SLO, but these pictures have me thinking I need to add it to my bucket list. Looks beautiful!

    Mandy & Kinistyle

  2. Hi there, really nice blog - I love this post! The Madonna Inn looks really cool. Now following you on gfc, would you like to follow my travel blog back?



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