Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Style

I love summer - the weather is great, it's the perfect time to go on a vacation, and there are lots of events to check out around town. However, it can be challenging to pick out an outfit since it's so warm outside. How do you dress lightly yet still look appropriate for the occasion at hand?

Tired of wearing jean shorts? Try a more polished look like these Juicy Couture bright orange shorts. Pair something bright with a more subdued color like this silk grey top. You can take this outfit from day to night with black pumps and a fun necklace.

What's your go-to summer look?



  1. Gorgeous look, Lauren! I used to have bright orange Guess shorts and I gave them away a few years ago... sob.

  2. We're in the throws of rainy and windy Winter days here in Australia but when it is Summer here in Perth it can get as hot as 40degrees celsius! I mix it up with high waisted shorts and skirts! Just try to wear something other than my normal denim shorts I usually love to live in during Summer. These shorts & outfit inspiration are gorgeous though :)

    Anna xo

  3. Lovely choice I become really girly during the summer and always wear dress.

  4. that bracelet is amazing, I love this look :))
    would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

  5. I really love this outfit especially because it is exactly what I would imagine a beautiful girl in LA would wear. Something simple yet so chic and colourful :).

  6. those shorts are adorable!! and your blog is super cute ;)

    follow each other??


  7. I really like the bright orange shorts!!

  8. Thanks for your visit and your nice comment, would you like to follow each other to keep in touuch? let me know you are following and I will follow you back

  9. Cute board, love the color combo and the bangle! How funny, I posted one today too on my blog! CHeck it out =)

    xx, alisia e

  10. Love those pop of color shorts. Great board!


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