Friday, June 1, 2012

Light Appeal

Here in Los Angeles, I've been seeing exposed light bulb fixtures everywhere, especially at restaurants and bars. I'm loving this design look, which you can apply to your own home or patio. It has a very stripped down, natural feel to it and adds a lot of character to any space. Check out these great light fixture ideas:

I love how they used different sized light bulbs in this kitchen
(image via)

These hanging lights look like stars against the midnight blue walls
(image via)

Who knew one light bulb could make such a statement?
(image via)

I'm obsessed with this chandelier! Check out Urban Chandy on Etsy

What do you think of this design look?



  1. I actually really like this! It gives a lot of flair to a room I think!!

  2. i love these simple pendants... great picks!

  3. Lovely pictures! I like how the pendant light bulbs add character and style to the space. Great choices.
    M. Lee


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