Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Closet Intervention

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear with a closet full of clothes? That had been happening to me recently, but I wasn't sure how to target the problem. This past weekend, I took charge and decided to really take a look at my wardrobe. I started by organizing my clothes (specifically tops) by color. It was quite simple to do, and didn't take long at all.

Once I finished and stepped back to take a look, I realized that over half my clothes were black, grey, or neutral tone. No wonder I was frustrated! My wardrobe lacked variety. Now that I've identified the problem, I can focus on buying more colorful clothes, and staying away from what I own most. I highly recommend trying this out if you're having a similar problem.

Do you have any wardrobe organizing tips? What did you learn through the process? Share here!



  1. Finding clothes to wear everyday can be challanging and sometimes frustrating.
    I've organized my closet in many ways in the past but never by color. I think I'm going to try doing that next, it will give me a clear picture of what is lacking in my closet.

  2. I am a CRAZY virgo, so I organize by color and texture / pattern. Example solid reds come before reds with dots or stripes, etc. When I organized my closet that way I realized that I lacked pattern, so I have started adding pattern to my tops and dresses (and even pants!). Its a nice change!

  3. I always get that feeling that i have nothing to wear, but i don't have the time to organize my closet .. nice post :)

  4. I very often feel like I have nothing to wear, and I have a TON of clothes so I know it's now *really* true. I also organize by color -- it helps me find stuff when I have a particular article in mind (otherwise I'd just get totally lost in my closet every morning).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too -- nice to *meet* you and looking forward to more from your blog! :) xx

  5. My closet is such a mess, you are an inspiration to us all!

  6. Uggh mine's a mess too. And I'm also guilty of way too much black and grey. Moving forward...I've recently separated the yoga clothes from the pajamas, hung cute t-shirts so that I can see them and keep them from getting wrinkly, and separated work dresses from going out dresses. Now what to do with purses?


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