Saturday, October 29, 2011

Southern Comfort

My friend told me about Paula Deen's recipe for "Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes." Pumpkin and butter in the same sentence? Sure, sounds good to me! Of course, this recipe has a ton of butter in it, but usually don't cook dessert with health in mind. I'm going to try out this recipe soon for the holidays. How delicious does this cake look?

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To see the full recipe, click here.

What are you looking forward to baking over the holidays?



  1. omg! i watch paula deen like a crazy person. how was the cake ? was it moist? i love getting personal feedback from people who have tried the recipe. i love your blog (and i esp. look foodies/people who bake)

    were doing a great giveaway of a free accessory! hope you can enter or just stop by if you get a moment :)

    love kat

  2. @kat @ paper doll theory I haven't made it yet but I will in the next few weeks! I'll make sure to blog about how it comes out. I've made her pumpkin pie good!

    I'll make sure to check out your site.


  3. That looks so good! I definitely look forward to eating pie this holiday.

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