Sunday, October 2, 2011

Havana Nights

This past Friday, I went to a lounge called La Descarga for the very first time. This has instantly become one of my favorite places! Tucked in an old building in Koreatown (near Hollywood), La Descarga looks and feels like an old-fashioned speakeasy in Cuba. You literally enter the club through a wardrobe filled with clothes, which leads to a spiral staircase. There, you're taken to the main room - I loved the tall ceilings and intimate lighting.

A large percentage of people were wearing authentic clothing of the times, including vests, suits, and fedoras. Men and women were dancing away to the Cuban music (some were actually pretty good). A live band even came out, accompanied by a burlesque number.

The bar area

The cigar room

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend going!


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  1. You got my interest. I've lived in Los Angeles for a few years now, but I never heard of La Descarga. It sounds like a very exotic and fun place to go. I think I might take my girlfriend there for some dancing and fun. Thanks for the info.
    Paul G


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