Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tacky Travels

My family and I used to take road trips up to San Francisco, with the occasional stop in San Luis Obispo. SLO is home to one of the craziest hotels out there - Madonna Inn. It's definitely a sight to see: kitsch oozes out of every wall and window. Each room has its own crazy theme, like the caveman room and fleur de lis room. Their restaurant is decked out in all shades of pink, with a giant tree sitting in the middle. I've only had dinner here, but I'd love to stay in one of the rooms, if only for the experience!

Pink overload
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One of the wacky rooms
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The inn's steakhouse
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And of course - the caveman room
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Have you stayed at Madonna Inn before? Which room would you choose?


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  1. Hey Lauren,
    I also had dinner at the Madonna Inn with my family. Everytime we travel to SLO, our two little girls ( not so little anymore)beg my husband and me for a stop at the Madonna Inn. Had dinner there a few times and always enjoyed the mega pink theme and all the kitschy decor.
    The food isn't bad either. Next time we'll have to check out that caveman room.


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