Monday, August 29, 2011

Modern Day Royalty

One of my favorite movies would have to be Marie Antoinette - the one starring Kirsten Dunst. Even though it's not very historically accurate, I always feel inspired by the candy colored pastels, elaborate parties, and Rococo accents in the film. If I had the dough I'd totally hire their set designer to decorate my house, but until then, I'll just have to settle with my own imagination. I've toyed with the idea of throwing an Antoinette-themed party for a while now. Here are some photos that capture my "vision"...

Romantic furniture and lots of treats

Light, ethereal table settings

Perfectly coordinated pastels

Cute little cakes adorned with berries

And of course - the movie itself!

What do you think of this 18th century style?



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Palm Springs Getaway

I stumbled upon this hotel while surfing the web, and I immediately fell in love. Designed by Jonathan Adler, Parker Palm Springs embodies the the kitschy charm of the city with its retro vibe and serene setting. It seems like the perfect place to get away for the weekend - who wouldn't want to lay out by the pool all day and dine at the swanky Mister Parker's?

What do you think of the Parker? Is there a hotel you've been dying to stay at?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Modern Retro

My friend and I checked out the Jonathan Adler store in Santa Monica this past weekend. I had always passed his store on my way to my old job in West Hollywood, so I was familiar with the brand. But after I witnessed his collection first hand, I totally fell in love. This is exactly how I want to decorate my apartment. The only problem is, it's incredibly expensive! This gives me a new project -- find similar items for less.

Here are some of his pieces I'd love to have:

Who is your favorite designer?


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good Eats

Like I promised, I'm going to review some of the restaurants I went to in Chicago. There are literally so many eateries in the city that it's hard to choose - but we went with some favorites like deep dish pizza.

Pizzeria Due is a classic pizza joint which serves up the traditional Chicago deep dish pizza. It's hard to go back to "regular" pizza after trying this! The cheese is underneath the sauce, and the crust is pie-like, thickening towards the edges. A must-try...just don't order too much! It's extremely filling.

Photo: Flickr

The RL Restaurant, created by Ralph Lauren, is characterized by dark wood ceilings, deep blue walls, and an impressive collection of paintings. The atmosphere was great when we went for brunch. Unfortunately, the food did not match up to the ambiance. I ordered the chicken hash, which had way too many peas, and was a bit dry. However, the scrambled egg was nice and buttery.

Portillo's is famous for its hot dogs, but they also serve frozen custard, which I've never had before. It's similar to ice cream, just made with eggs, cream and sugar. Let's just say I've been craving it since I got back to LA - apparently it's a Midwest thing. Too bad!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Windy City Adventures

I just got back from my vacation in Chicago on Monday. It was such an amazing trip! I think I've found my new favorite city. To me, it felt like a cleaner, friendlier version of NYC. We did the typical tourist stuff, and of course, ate fabulous food in traditional Chicago style.

One of my favorite actresses in epic proportions!

The Bean

Art Institute of Chicago

Admiring the architecture

In my next post, I'll review the restaurants I ate at (this most definitely includes deep dish pizza). Stay tuned!

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